Dionysis Athinaios

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Welcome to my web page. I am a musician / sound designer / software developer and have worked extensively with the SuperCollider audio programming language which was the main tool during my PhD research. I have since used a variety of technologies, currently focusing on software development for audio applications and the creation of tools for artists working with sound in unconventional ways. I am also involved in the creation of a variety of products for FasmaTwist.

In the next pages you will find a selection of my projects. Feel free to contact me!

Eastern Flavour

Eastern Flavour is a collection of 6 sampler (virtual) instruments: Kanun, Santur, Oud, Bouzouki, Mandolin and Cretan-Saz. The design of the instruments included writing custom scripts for the Kontakt Scripting Processor (KSP).

Published by FasmaTwist in collaboration with Orestis Karamanlis


A tool for composing and performing real-time and mixed electronic works using the SuperCollider language. It helps a composer to organise processes and musical material in bundles (cues) and execute them when needed during the course of a piece. It is particularly applicable to musical works incorporating real-time electronics and acoustic instruments.

Published by FasmaTwist in collaboration with Orestis Karamanlis


A SuperCollider library for the creation of virtual sound environments inspired by video game techniques. It provides:

  • An agent based system for the creation of interactive sound units.
  • Spatialisation using cartesian or polar coordinates.
  • Steering behaviors.
  • A spatial index for efficient collision detection using spatial hashing.

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Sepcot is an iPad application for people with aphasia. It is aimed at speech and language therapists for the diagnosis and therapy of patients. The objective is to encourage these people to clarify and use the semantic and syntactic features of reversible active sentences.

Published by FasmaTwist in collaboration with Orestis Karamanlis

Music and Sound Design

A few examples of works demonstrating skills related to music composition and sound design.